Western Ironworks designs and builds water jet products based on the type of the product and the usage you have in mind. Contact us today for free consulation.

Western Ironworks designs and builds custom interior ralings, exterior railings, gates, sprials, exterior and interior glass ralings and more. You can see our Galary page and select one of our previous designs for your home or business or contact us for a free consultation to create a new design for you. 

Western Ironworks L.T.D

Western Ironwroks has more than 20 years of experience serving British Columbians. 


Western Ironworks is a pioneer in custom ironworks  design and production for both small and large projects.


British Columbians have relied on Western Ironworks services for single dwelling development projects and for large multi dwelling, commercial and industrial projects such as highrises, condos, community centres, parks and municipal government projects.

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